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Best Practice Databases

This point gathers links to different data-bases/reports containing good practices of high energy performance buildings (either retrofitted or new construction building)

Good Practice of high energy performance buildings

DataBase Description Links
Concerto DB DataBase that demonstrates the implementation of some examples of:

  • innovative technologies that are ready to be applied
  • the use of renewable energies sources for cities
  • energy efficiency measures
  • sustainable building and district development
  • economic assessments
  • affordable energy
  • energy transparency for citizens
BuildUp Brochures of cases of good practices on low energy building related issues http://www.buildup.eu/en/practices/cases
EuroPhit Examples of buildings that have gone through deep renovations under Passive House criteria http://europhit.eu/built-examples
Report – Selected examples of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings A collection of 32 examples of buildings in different EU Member States which have high energy performance. (most are new residential /building) http://www.epbd-ca.eu/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/CT5_Report_Selected_examples_of_NZEBs-final.pdf