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GUIDE FOR A2PBEER Support Guide Toolkit

Welcome to the A2PBEER Support Guide Toolkit. The aim of this Guide is to assist stakeholders in making best practice decisions on how to improve the energy performance of their public building or district. The Guide will outline the methodology on how to carry out a district and building assessment from the viewpoint of energy consumption. There are six stages to complete and each stage is explained clearly as you process the information, but if you need assistance there are help buttons to assist. The Guide can be applied to all public retrofitting projects and can be used as a general energy assessment of the site.

  • Section 1 – Your District/Buildings: determines how the characteristics of the buildings and districts influence the energy consumption of the public buildings/districts. The importance of climate, microclimate are also explained and addressed in this section.
  • Section 2 – National Standards: the implementation of National Regulations can interrupt, delay and postpone projects causing barriers in the successful realisation of any retrofitting project. This section collates necessary information prior to determining retrofitting methodologies.
  • Section 3 – Stakeholder Analysis: is a gathering of information about the persons and organizations that have an interest and influence on the retrofitting project.
  • Section 4 – Technology Recommendations: an outline of the available low energy efficient solutions and systems for retrofitting in buildings and districts dependent on climate, building type and usage.
  • Section 5 – Self Assessment: SWOT analysis of technical, financial and legal categories.
  • Section 6 – Best Practices: a database of relevant projects.